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WARN (Write A Report Now)
(a complaint and suggestion form to improve systems in any commercial or government organisation in India)

If you have faced any problem in any organisation and would like to warn others about your experience, and would like to help in improving the systems there, please fill the details of your incident below. These may be displayed on Karmayog in http://www.karmayog.org/warnings for the concerned persons and media to take action on.
Please do not fill the form in all capitals.  Please do not repeat the same sentence or information while filling in the form.

To complain about civic issues in Mumbai (BMC related), fill the SATYA form only.
To complain about corruption in any government department, fill the Corruption ROKO form only.
If you need any help or advice, fill the ASK form only.
To bring people together for a particular cause or issue, fill the UNITE form only.

 Fields marked with a * are compulsory
A. Details of the organisation that you wish to complain about
1. Name of organisation *
(Write name of organisation you wish to complain about. Do not write your own name.)
2. State*  
3. City *  
4. Website of the organisation
   (If you don't know please leave it  blank.)

B. Details of Complaint
           Please be precise and to the point regarding your complaint. Do not give a background / history / reasons for your complaint as this often confuses the issue, and we need to know only the exact problem point. If you have any additional information that you would like to share, please use the "Browse" feature that is provided to attach documents of your choice.

1. Brief subject of complaint*   
  100 characters left
2. Period of your complaint *     
3. Details of complaint *

  2000 characters left

4. Attach additional Information
 (to attach documents such as correspondence with the orgnisation, photographs, press articles, detailed story, etc.)

  File should not exceed 2 MB
5. Current status of complaint *
 500 characters left
6. What solution would you like?*
 300 characters left
7. Do you need any procedural clarification or information still at this stage? If so,please elaborate
 300 characters left

C. Your Suggestions
     Please make practical and implementable suggestions that can be converted to policy or procedural changes within the concerned organisation. Please assume that the officer at a high enough level has a genuine desire to resolve / prevent such problems so please be as polite as you can.

1. To the organisation
  so that such problems do not arise for other people*

e.g. changes in procedure, use of technology, attitudinal change of staff, display of information on signboards, website, leaflets, etc
 500 characters left
2. To other people
    so that they do not face such problems *

  500 characters left
3. To the government
    to prevent / penalise such problems*

  500 characters left
D. Your Contact Details
Are you willing to reveal your contact details?  
E. To receive a confirmation email
If you want a confirmation email from us, please write your email id in the textbox.
Please note that this will neither be displayed nor given to the any orgnisation.