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 Project Sponsors Needed
Project Title: Sant Shri P.P> Jalrambapa Charitra Satsang ( AMaritwani )
Budget: 20 lakhs
Geographical Location: Jamnagar ( Gujarat )
When: 3,4,& 5 th Feb.2017 for 3 days
What: Aim to provide basic necesities tob needy people .
Why: As if such programme done society alsocan come to know about the social activity done by ACT and flow of donors may increase and more beneficiaries may be benefited if donors flow may increase
Who: Currently elderly destitute are provided free food via free tiffin sewa at their doorsteps those who are unable to approach and those who can are benefited via free bhojan sewa
How: purpose will be reached by providing beneficiarries basis facilities .
Cost: have already email done but is approx. 20 lakh
Sustainability: purpose will be reached by providing beneficiarries basis facilities .
Comments: Mrs.Parul. G.Jobanputra

 charity - Aman Charitable Trust
 P.P.Kalyani, Narshi Bhuvan,
 Rajyagor Street No.2,garbi chowk, Near Radha Krishna Temple,
 Near Punjab Bank.,Jamnagar
 Jamnagar - 361001.
 Karmayogi : Mr. G.B..Jobanputra
 Tel : 0233- 9909002234  (Anytime)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Contact Person - Ms.P.G..Jobanputra
 Phone Work - Social Service  (Anytime)
 Phone Cell - 9909002234  (Anytime)
Category  1 - Women - Widows
Category  2 - Children - Education
Category  3 - Children - Slums
 coverage - Jamnagar
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes -
needed land at jamnagar, infrastructure to build old age home
needed: furniture, utensils, cots, matres
Category of Topic: Old Age Homes
Message: Aman Charitable trust registeration number E -3794, Jamnagar. Pan No.AAETA R with a tag people react we act.... Aman Charitable trust is looking for a donation to build a old age home of 25 to 50 inmates at jamnagar. Construction , Infrastructure , Furniture, Cots, Matteress, bedsheets , blankets, shawls, sheets,pillows , bedside lockers, cupboards, chairs and tables, room heater, watercollers, microwave oven, gysers t.v. recreational material, utensils, gasstovesetc.
Pure drinking water to provide safe and pure drinking water especially during summer at the crowded needy areas.
Groceries like wheat, Bajri, Oil, Rice,Tuverdal, Kathol of various types mungdal sugar ,jaggery, tea etc.
especially during festivals for needy and slum areas
Stationary for approx. 500 students once in a year
i.e. schoolbag each one for 500 students
pen , pencil rubber, sharpner, ruller, waterbottle, lunch box, each one for 500 students
notebooks qty 05 to each students for 500 students .
donate it will be very much helpful to the slum and needy areas and dropout ratio wll be lower.
whatever support . whatsoever help may be to start a old age home and to fulfill the behavioural nature to serve and bring as much as old people in a uniqe one roof .Allow me to walk to walk , help me to help our trust.
Help Needed: needed donation to start our project old age home named apnu ghar as to serve with love affection care and holistic approch to the older people who are really deserving with a tag people react we act
Name: Parul. G. Jobanputra
Organisation: Aman Charitable Trust
Location: Jamnagar , Gujarat