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 Profile of Vayam Value Education Foundation
 Name of Organisation : Vayam Value Education Foundation
One Line Descriptive Slogan : Multi Media Solution in Value Education
About us : Vayam is a social initiative focused on inculcating truth, honesty,
integrity and other universal human values among all sections of the society, especially children and youth. It aims to use Films to effectively portray the importance of Values and inspire viewers to inculcate them.
Vision : Our vision is to develop the World’s best program on Value Education for children and youth so that we can lay the basis of a healthier, safer and stronger society and Nation.
Mission : This, we envision, would have 4 key pillars
• A strong pedagogy of Value-driven curriculum, spanning learning within the classroom and outside through special camps & activities.
• An effective multimedia based program embedded into the curriculum.
• A engagement program for the parents and teachers in delivering the Value Education program
• Getting the Value Education content to students in as wide a variety of ways as is possible.
Services Offered : 1. Films on Value Education for various age-groups
2. Complete program of Value Education wherein we deliver the class for Value Education through our own teachers.
Impact Data / Statistics : 7000 schools & 3.5 million students have already been reached through our films.
Brief History : We have been working since 2008 to evolve a model of delivering “values” in a manner which would be both ‘effective in its delivery’ and ‘cost prudent’. Towards this objective, we have adopted multimedia based delivery model as it is highly effective and vastly scalable. While in a broader context, we aim to create content for all sections of the society, we have, so far, focused on Children.

We have created short films (20-25 minute duration) for school students across all age groups. We take special care to ensure that the content in these films does not pertain to any particular religion or sect, but promotes values that are universal in nature.

“Value Education” is an integral part of education curriculum, not just in India but in most countries that have an evolved curriculum on Education. It may be called differently in various places, few of the common references being Moral Education, Life Skills Education or Emotional Learning. All of these relate to developing students on their behavior. Most of these programs are classroom and text based. However, there is a common recognition of the limitations of delivering Value Education in classrooms through “lecture” mode. Hence, many of the schools systems are experimenting with unique ways of developing and delivering the content on Value Education.

We believe that short films are very effective in communicating complex ideas and situations, especially with respect to values. Based on our in-depth research, we prepare short films that subtly highlight the importance of cultivating different types of values by simulating real life situations. While specially targeted at children, even parents / elders can enjoy these films!

This is a basic model of Value Education delivery being undertaken. As per feedback received from hundreds of schools, it is far more effective than the text book led model that was being followed so far. However, we also plan to integrate this with more interactive & experiential modules for students, so there is greater impact and recollection on their part. This, along with other plans for ramp up, will be covered in “Future plans”

So far, this model of Value Education has been rolled out in over 7000 schools across the country, already making it the largest Value Education Program for school students in the country.
Brief Projects / Achievements : We have reached thousands of schools with our films covering millions of students in the very first year of our operations. While sharing below the key highlights of our reach, we recognize that we are still present in a small proportion of total schools in the country. But, we are encouraged by the positive feedback we have received from the schools that we have reached so far. We look forward to multiplying this reach to cover a larger number of schools in the coming few years.

1. Pilot Testing (Nov 2008) :

We piloted our films in 150 schools in Nov’08 –Feb’09. The feedback of the Principals, teachers and students was very encouraging.

They recognised the effectiveness of Value Education through films and appreciated this initiative.

They were keen to regularly screen these films in their schools.

2. Large scale pilot testing (June-Oct, 2009) :

We conducted workshops with the District Education Officers (DEOs) and the Principals in most districts of Gujarat. During these workshops, we shared the concept of multimedia based Value Education with the DEOs and how our films meet those needs. In response, we invited the

Principals to invite us to conduct a pilot in their respective schools.

In this manner, 2500 schools signed up for the largest of its kind of pilot on Value Education. We collected feedback systematically from the Principal and management of these schools. Photographs of the screening were a must for continued participation in the pilot. Besides, the schools also administered a quiz to the students after screening our films.

The key outcomes of this large scale pilot, based on feedback of schools, received from every district of Gujarat was
• Schools across all districts had already got the minimum infrastructure installed to screen Vayam films regularly. This infrastructure included either a multimedia projector or TV or Computers.
• Schools could screen these films without affecting the normal course delivery to students.
• It further reinforced the need for such films in the schools and their appreciation and willingness to screen them regularly.

3. Launch of Multimedia based Value Education Program (Oct 2010 onwards) :

We shared outcomes of the pilot with the Government of Gujarat with a proposal for them to formally adopt these films as part of Value Education Program in schools. The Government, signed the MOU, the first ever of its kind in the country, in Jan 2010. This covered 3650 schools covering 2.2 million students in Gujarat. These films were delivered by Mar 2010. Large scale screening of these films began in April/ May. The feedback of these schools was, once again, consistent with the outcomes of the pilot and very positive. We also contracted with the Municipal Corporation of Rajkot and Surat to make a few films accessible to all the schools covered by them. Thus, so far Vayam has covered more than 4000 schools and 2.5 million students in the very first year of the launch of multimedia based Value Education Program.

In 2011 & 2012, Vayam has rolled out the Value Education program to all secondary schools in Gujarat and all Navodaya Vidyalaya Schools in MHRD. Besides, many schools in municipal corporations have also taken these films. Overall, nearly 7500 schools have access to Vayam Value Education Program.

4. Private schools:

Vayam has also invited private schools to adopt these films for Value Education. While we have been limited in our ability to systematically reach them, of those which we could, a large number of schools have signed up for this program.

However, the key challenge that remains in reaching out to them is the need for high intensity engagement with schools on 1-1 basis, which limits us in the number of schools we can reach and the cost of reaching them.

We intend to reach out to schools in a even larger scale this year, both in Government as well as Private. We invite all Government Educational Departments & Private Schools to roll out this program in the schools under their management.
What do you exactly do for a beneficiary?: Deliver effective content on Value based themes so that their lives are positively impacted.
Info sources: brochure, website,
Programmes organised during the year: 1. Value Education Camps
2. Screening of Films on Special Occassions
3. Annual General Meetings
Other links:
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- Yearly Budget: Rs. 1 cr.
- Revenue Sources: Individual contributions. Sale of CDs.
- Key Sponsor: Individuals
- A corporate can adopt us at yearly funding of Rs. Yes; Rs. 50 lakh
- full time: 4
- part-time: 3
- volunteers: 5
- trustees: Peeyush Arya, SK Arya, Vikas Arya, Umesh Bharadwaj
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 vayamvalue - Vayam Value Education Foundation
 42/2, Suraj Building
 Elphinstone road,Lower Parel (W)
 Mumbai - 400013.
 Karmayogi : Peeyush Arya
 Tel : - 7738994554  (11 AM to 7 PM)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Contact Person - Mr.Peeyush Arya
 Phone Cell - 9967344644  (4 to 9 pm)
NPO Rating by Karmayog - B
Category  1 - Social Welfare
Category  2 - Media
Category  3 - Children - Education
 coverage - All India
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 Notes -
Vayam Value Education Foundation is a National initiative on Film based Value Education Program for Youth and Children of the country.