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If You Need Monetary Help
  Please send a NEW email to karmayog@yahoogroups.com with the following information-
- Your full contact details
- Exact amount needed and by which date
- Purpose and who else is funding you
  We will circulate this information.
Meanwhile you may wish to contact the donors listed on our website www.karmayog.org
The link to the list of Indian donors- www.karmayog.com/spoavl.htm
the link to the list of foreign donors- www.karmayog.com/spofroavl.htm

For NGOs
List of Indian (450+) / Foreign (70+) Donors. These donors sponsor projects, events etc. of non-profits.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by Companies (65). A must read for businesses, employees in corporate, and NGO's approaching companies for money or sponsorship.
Form for NGOs in need of financial services, in Mumbai / Outside Mumbai. The requirement would be listed in the directory of financial services needed by NGOs on Karmayog website.
Registered NGOs* can log in to their web-page and fill the form.

For Donors / NGO Supporters
Sponsors Needed (30+) List2 (50) for Projects initiated by NGOs.
Funds Needed by All India Non-profits Selling Products (35+) / Needing Donations.
Funds Needed for Education, Medical Assistance etc.
Form to Offer Financial Support to All India NGOs.
NGOs Disclosing Financial Reports (40+). These NGOs have sent their audited financial reports to Karmayog to enable Donors and Supporters to evaluate their organization.

* Registered NGOs means the NGOs registered on Karmayog.

For NGOs / NPOs For NGO Supporters