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September 20: Mumbai: Software Freedom Day

Happy Software Freedom Day

I hope we all are concerned about softwares we use. As, Karmayog making people aware about the social issues. The Free Software Community is concerned about how people use Software and making people aware about the Free Software. Lot of work is going on, making people participate and use Free Software.

As lot of people get confused with the word FREE and relate the term with the cost. Which is not the case otherwise. The word FREE means Freedom. To know whether the software you use is Free (Freedom) Software or non-Free (Freedom) Software. You just need to check the software license. If the software you use is under GNU General Public License its Free  (Freedom) Software, indeed if its not under GNU GPL. And carry its own software license then it should be approved by Free Software Foundation the community behind Free Software Movement.

Software Freedom Day
September 20th 2008  Software Freedom Day (SFD) is a worldwide celebration of Free Software. Goal in this celebration is to educate the worldwide public about of the benefits of using high quality Free Software in education, in government, at home, and in business -- in short, everywhere!

To know more about Software Freedom Day
http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/      International Software Freedom Day

To know about Free Software visit
http://www.gnu.org                                  GNU Project .
http://www.fsf.org/                                   Free Software Foundation.  The organisation behind Fee Software Movement


Lajpat Dhingra