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 Donate to a cause via Karmayog.org

 Karmayog is a self-funded, non-profit organisation that connects the various stakeholders in any cause, through a free,  networking platform, thus enabling sustainability and effectiveness in finding solutions for different social and civic causes.

 For success in any cause, a group needs to be formed around a cause. There are good people and groups who are willing to  take up or join a cause; they need your support.

 You may not have the time to volunteer or get involved in social issues. But you can offer support by donating towards that  cause.

 So please donate:
   - for a specific cause of your choice
   - for a cause as selected by us
   - for Karmayog's own activities (corpus)

 Donor names and amounts of donations above Rs. 500 will be displayed at www.karmayog.org/donation (unless the donor does not  desire to display  his/her name and amount).

 Amount spent on causes will also be displayed at www.karmayog.org/donation.

 You can donate in the following ways:
   . via Cheque
   . via Bank Transfer
   . via ItzCash
   . to the Karmayog NGO-of-the-Month
   . to Karmayog through a banner advertisement on our website

 Please Note:
   . Karmayog will transfer the entire amount for your selected purpose without deducting any amount.
   . To get benefit of tax deduction under 80G, the minimum amount should be Rs. 500.
   . Please donate in Indian Rupees only. We cannot accept foreign currency donations as we do not have FCRA permission.
   . If you would like to donate an amount greater than US$ 2000, then we can try to obtain FCRA permission.
   . See other ways to Support Us