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SATYA (Suggest Action to Transform YourArea)
(a follow-up complaint and suggestion form for civic issues (BMC/MCGM related) in Mumbai)

First directly complain to BMC via their online complaint form at or by phoning 1916.
Fill this SATYA form only if your problem remains unresolved for 30 days or more.

The details below will be a) displayed on Karmayog for the authorities and media to take action on, and b) will be formally forwarded to BMC/MCGM as the "Weekly SATYA Report".
Please do not fill the form in ALL CAPITALS - your form will be deleted if this happens.
Please do not repeat the same sentence or information while filling in the form.

- To complain about corruption in any government department (except BMC), fill the Corruption ROKO form only.
- To complain about any other issue regarding a commercial or government organisation, fill the WARN form only.
- If you need any help or advice, fill the ASK form only.
-To bring people together for a particular cause or issue, fill the UNITE form only.


 SATYA (Complaint and Suggestion Form)
Fields in Red are Compulsory
A. Details of complaint already filed with BMC
 Date complaint filed with BMC  
 Method of filing of complaint?  
 BMC Complaint no.  
 Details of specific department / person complained to  
 Response of BMC  
 Follow-up through RTI?
 If no, why not?  
 If yes, what was the reply and results?  
B. Complaint Details for follow up
 Nearest Main Road    (if it is a common problem,write "Everywhere")
 Problem Since (time period)    
 Brief Subject  
Your Complaint :
  Please be as precise, unemotional, factual and brief as possible while still giving complete ,unambiguous and comprehensive details. Please give your suggestions also to solve/prevent the specific problem or all such types of problems. Please assume that the government officer in charge at the highest level has a genuine desire to resolve / prevent such problem so please be as polite as you can possibly be.
(Remember, humour is better than anger)

 Your Suggestion for a Solution  
C. Personal Details
 (Please note that if you chose not to display your contact name and address, it will not be possible for BMC or yourself to follow up on the complaint. We will not be doing any follow up on your behalf. Our role ends with forwarding your complaint to the BMC and displaying the same on our website.)
 My Name  
 Organisation (if any)  
 Phone Numbers