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Complete Gita Launched on Cell Phones in India

It has been a wonderful experience relocating from US to India and being
associated with dissemination of Knowledge on cell phones for masses.

Mobifusion, a global publisher of mobile applications and technology, today
launched the entire Holy Bhagavad Gita on cell phones in India. The Holy
Bhagavad Gita contains all 700 Sanskrit Slokas with its English translation
beautifully rendered by Padma Shree Prof P Lal. The translation preserves
the dignity and grace of the original epic poem, remaining consistently
faithful to the oral and musical tradition of Vyasa. The application is
currently available to Vodafone-Essar mobile subscribers and will be shortly
available on other operator networks.

"The Holy Bhagavad-Gita is a source of knowledge and peace and now that
we've optimized it for the cell phone, it will be particularly useful to
de-stress in today's modern society," said Prashant Gupta, Managing Director
of Mobifusion's India center. "We are very glad to be associated with this
project and unveil it on such a day of importance."

Says Prof Lal, quoting from the Bhagavad Gita, "There is no purifier like
knowledge in this world."

According to Pavan Mandhani, Founder and CEO of Mobifusion, by releasing
this on Vodafone Essar, millions of wireless users now can access the Holy
Bhagvad Gita instantly on their cell phones. "With our built-in simple
search engine, they can instantly access slokas that are relevant to a
particular situation. We are working on a mobile audio version so users can
listen to the beauty of the works as well."

Prashant Gupta