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Couple sets Limca record for visiting over 17,000 state temples .......TIMES NEWS NETWORK
Mumbai: Moreshwar Kunte and his wife Vijaya undertook a unique pilgrimage 16 years ago. They have visited more than 17,000 temples in Maharashtra and unlike other devotees, the Pune-based couple has painstakingly compiled all the data in encyclopaedias dedicated to temples in each district. The Limca Book of Records has incorporated the couples name in their latest edition. 

   Kunte, now 69, was recently in Thane to organise an exhibition of the material that he had collected over the years. It included stones which produce sounds of the seven musical notes, floating bricks, idols of gods and goddesses with multiple hands ranging from two to 42, books with unknown facts and myths about temples as well as a special section dedicated to the animals associated with various gods. He will also display his other published books. The response to the exhibition was good. 

   After taking voluntary retirement from a company, Kunte decided to devote his time to this extraordinary passion. “I knew that many historians had worked sincerely in collecting data on historical monuments like forts and palaces in the state. But no one had focussed on temples. I discussed this with my wife and not only did she agree with my view, but also decided to accompany me.’’ The couple embarked on the tour on November 18, 1991. Ratnagiri was their debut destination and the pilgrimage ended in Pune, in 2007. 

   Blessed with three sons, the Kunte couple went on the statewide tour on a moped. In 16 years, they clocked around 1.25 km. Sharing his experience with TOI, Kunte said, “We used to refer to the state gazetteer before embarking on a tour of each district. The residents also co-operated with us.’’ According to him, they came across many temples which were not mentioned in official records. “When we showed people the information we had collected, they were interested. Taking pictures of a temple is normally prohibited, but the temple’s trustees made an exception for us. I have clicked about 19,000 photographs.’’ 

   Recalling his first day of the tour, Kunte said, “We went to the temples in Pune. The exercise was undertaken with the sole intention of making future generations aware of our rich traditions and history.’’ 
   Kunte has already published books on temples in the districts of Sangli, Nanded, Parbhani, Buldhana, Latur, Yeotmal, Vardha, Bhandara and Gondia. Without any financial support, Kunte has managed to publish books. “It is nothing short of a miracle,’’ he says. “Money was definitely an issue, but it never really became a major problem. People have been generous and our sincerity has paid rich dividends. At times, people helped even with as little as Rs 2.’’ 

   The Kunte couple is happy at the end of the long journey. “It has given us immense happiness and a sense of fulfilment. Though I may not be a rich man towards the end of my life, the voyage has enriched me so much that even millionaires may envy me,’’ he said.

A UNIQUE PILGRIMAGE: Moreshwar Kunte was recently in Thane to organise an exhibition of the material that he had collected over the years