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ASK -- Advice Sought via Karmayog.org
Form No. 0464      Monday, January 18, 2010
DC rules on car Parking in residentail society stilt + 11 floors in mumbai
We have received a a request for Advice via Karmayog as per the details below.
Please offer your help to the person seeking advice.
Please contact them directly and also send us a copy of your email.
This form and its replies may also be displayed at www.karmayog.org/ASKed

A: Details of the problem
1.Problem: DC rules on car Parking in residentail society stilt + 11 floors in mumbai
2. Period: 2010 - January
3. Details: We want to know the DC rule for car parking in residential society stilt + 11 floors in mumbai city
4. Additional information: Nil
5. Steps taken till now:
sought from the society. deliberately being delayed.
6. Result:
7. Help needed now:
dc rules wanted on parking
8. Will pay fees for help / professional advice:
B: My Suggestions
1. For Commercial organisations: for self
4. For others in a similar situation: I dont know
5. Other Information Needed: should have details on parking rules
C: Websites / People / Resources that I have found helpful
D: My contact details
1. Name:
Anil Agarwal
2. Profession:
self employed
3. Phone:
4. Email id:
5. Location: