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Karmayog.org is a resource that enables you to "Improve Your World" by connecting you with like-minded people and organisations in your locality, city and world.

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Thank you for your interest in Karmayog.
If you are planning to visit our office, please take a minute to go through the note below, before your visit. This will help us at Karmayog.
A] For All
1) We would appreciate a few lines of feedback about Karmayog from you. 
What is your impression of Karmayog? How have you benefited, either personally or professionally from Karmayog? Please send this to us by email via the Message Form at www.karmayog.org/message
2) In case you would like to Volunteer, donate Materials, or offer your Services, please fill the respective form on Karmayog. (See www.karmayog.org/volunteers www.karmayog.org/service and www.karmayog.org/material for more details)
3) In case you need any help or support, please fill the Message form at www.karmayog.org/message or the ASK form for Advice at www.karmayog.org/ask
4) In case you would like to know more about Karmayog, please do go through a presentation about Karmayog, that will explain the various features and initiatives by Karmayog that you could use. This is at http://www.karmayog.org/redirect/strred.asp?docId=18839 
5) Please bring at least one book to donate to the Karmayog "Donate Books, Receive Books" initiative. The Karmayog office is a Book Collection Centre and we would appreciate your donation. (See www.karmayog.org/donatebooks to know more)
6) Please bring or send us by email: compilation of any articles / information / reports / laws / demands / proposals that are worth sharing with interested people
7) To give us an idea of whatever you would like to discuss when we meet, please fill the Message form at www.karmayog.org/message

B] For NGOs
1) If you are from an NGO, is your NGO listed in the Karmayog all-India NGO Directory? If not, please list the same via the form at http://www.karmayog.org/nonprofits/cocr.asp?r=1 
In case your NGO is already listed on Karmayog, we request you to please take a minute to verify if the information displayed about your NGO is correct. You can do this by checking the same in the Karmayog all India NGO Directory at http://www.karmayog.org/nonprofits/npodisplay.asp?r=216 
2) Please upload a Profile about your NGO on the Karmayog website. This can be done after logging in at http://www.karmayog.org/nonprofits/ 
3) Please bring the following for our better understanding: your NGOs brochure, last activity annual report, last audited financial report, ppts, etc.
4) We would also appreciate it if you could send prior information to discuss the following:
- who is providing leadership in your sector? how?
- what are the lacunae in the sector? what needs to be done?
- what government policies / procedures need to be changed?
Thank you for your interest and cooperation.