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Karmayog.org is a resource that enables you to "Improve Your World" by connecting you with like-minded people and organisations in your locality, city and world.

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Become a Karmayog Partner


During the past three years since Karmayog was set up, we have been privileged to come across several wonderful people and NGOs. Through the various listings, profiles, ratings and other features on the website, we have attempted to create more awareness about such NGOs and the social sector in general, thus enabling synergies between NGOs, concerned citizens, civil society groups, government organisations, experts, donors, volunteers, corporate houses, etc.

Karmayog would now like to take this further by inviting interested NGOs to become partners or collaborators with Karmayog and build further on this association. Basically, we seek a deeper relationship with one specific NGO in Mumbai in each sector so that there can be more mutual involvement with each other resulting in faster, deeper, broader activities for the sector. There is no cost involved to either side.

What it means to be a Karmayog Partner:

  • A partner NGO will involve the larger Karmayog community in its activities, by sharing information about its work, philosophy, etc., thus creating awareness about that activity and sector.
  • A partner NGO will take charge of / respond to emails regarding their specific area of interest / work / specialisation, thus offering expert advice and help as required for that sector
  • A partner NGO will develop and manage an online resource section for that sector, that will display updated information, contact details, etc., about that sector.

What Karmayog can do for a Partner:

  • Karmayog will provide increased visibility for a partner NGO by displaying profiles, updates, features, etc., about the NGO and its activities, on the website.
  • Karmayog will set up and host a resource section for a particular sector, that will be co-ordinated by the partner NGO
  • Karmayog will facilitate linkages for a partner NGO with available resources such as volunteers, donors, experts, other organisations, etc.

Next Step:

  • Please email if you are interested, and we will meet and take it forward.