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Karmayog.org is a resource that enables you to "Improve Your World" by connecting you with like-minded people and organisations in your locality, city and world.

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1) Send us Articles 


Thank you for expressing an interest in Karmayog.

If you have written or come across any articles of interest on any social or developmental issue, and you would like to share the same with others, please send us the article to upload in an appropriate section on Karmayog.


See over sections on over 160 social issues covered on Karmayog at http://www.karmayog.org/socialcauses/


2) Manage a Resource Section

Thank you for expressing an interest in Karmayog.

If you have a special interest or knowledge in any particular subject or issue, we would like to invite you to "Manage a Resource Section" on Karmayog.

We would like to help you in your initiative by providing space on our website for a Resource Section for which you can provide informative articles, policies, acts and case studies, etc. The articles that you send us will be uploaded regularly on our website as per the directions that you provide.

To get an idea about the Resource Sections on Karmayog, see list of all Resource Sections

Do get back to us if you find the idea interesting and worth exploring.



Typical Format for a Resource Section would be as follows:

(Section1: Introduction)

Title: …………………………………………..
Short Description:  …………………………………………………
Managed by:

(Section 2: Information and Resources)

  • Introductory note on subject
  • Existing Policies / Laws / Acts
  • Existing Schemes / Plans
  • Relevant Articles / Research papers
  • Data and Statistics
  • Best Practices / Examples that have worked
  • List of Relevant Publications
  • List of NGOs / Organisations / Institutions connected with the subject
  • Contact Details of relevant Government Offices / Departments / Service Providers
  • Related subjects / issues / areas of interest (for e.g. Micro finance in Community Health insurance section, or Cleanliness in Stray Dogs section)

(Section 3: Interaction)

  • Discussion Group / Forum
  • Suggestions / Solutions / Projects undertaken
  • Events listing / Conferences / Seminars
  • Links to websites, blogs, discussion groups, forums, etc.


  • For all of the above, available information is to be presented under the following sub-categories: (information from / relevant to) Mumbai, India, rest of the world.
  • This outline for the Resource section is intended as a guiding template at the most basic level. Each subject / issue undertaken may require more detailed and diverse sub-sections as required. 
  • An example of a resource section that has recently been created on Karmayog is one on Community Health Insurance at http://www.karmayog.org/communityhealth/ that is being managed by Denny John.
  • Title of the link should reflect the content. (esp. for newspaper articles that are misleading)
  • Short self-explanatory description about the link to follow that mentions content (research paper, rules, etc.) source (author, gazette, etc.), location (states, cities in India, abroad) date, etc.


  • The intent of creating a Resource Section is to provide an online comprehensive source of information on a subject.
  • By joining the Karmayog team, and managing a Resource Section, you already share common ideology and purpose with Karmayog, and have a rapport of understanding with us.
  • While no moderation will be undertaken of the content provided by you for the Resource Section, you will be responsible for all content that you upload, submit, post, etc on the website.

Since the Resource Section is on the Karmayog website, final decisions and discretion on what information can be displayed or should be removed rests with us.

In the event that you decide to no longer manage or contribute to the Resource Section, the resource section will continue as per the decision and discretion of Karmayog.