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Karmayog.org is a resource that enables you to "Improve Your World" by connecting you with like-minded people and organisations in your locality, city and world.

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Here's how Karmayog can help you take up a cause


From our experience, we have seen that most individuals or organisations struggle to sustain a cause that they have taken up. I feel that the Karmayog platform can be used well to provide sustainability and effectiveness for social and civic causes. And, we would like to offer that help to interested people.


Some of the elements involved in taking up a cause are as follows:

    - leader / co-ordinator 

    - clear objective or end-result

    - clear idea about how to achieve this

    - core group of committed people 

    - larger group of concerned citizens 

    - funds

    - offline meetings

    - online discussions

    - compiling information

    - spreading information


Brief points pertaining to the above are:


    - leader / co-ordinator -- This has to be you. For us to get involved, you need to be based in Mumbai


    - clear objective or end-result -- Please convey very briefly what is the problem that you wish to tackle and the sustainable solution that you have in mind


    - clear idea about how to achieve this -- Please convey your practical ideas about what all needs to be done to achieve the solution you have in mind, which government departments need to take what decisions to enable this, what other resources are needed, what would be the timeline, what sort of funds are needed -- all the what, how, why, where, when, which, who type of points.


    -  core group of committed people -- If you know others who are seriously interested in driving the process, that is good, else we will help create this group


    - larger group of concerned citizens - We will enable interested citizens to become aware of and participate in your group


    - funds -- We will help in fund-raising


    - offline meetings -- Various venues are available at free or nominal costs


    - online discussions - We will facilitate this


    - compiling information - We will create a special section on the site where all relevant information can be posted e.g. existing laws, proposals by the group, organisations already involved in this cause, white papers, examples in other countries, other attempts in India, etc.


    - spreading information -- We will facilitate this



If you are interested, do email me the points connected with the cause objectives and your ideas on how to achieve it. Do email your location and phone number also.






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