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About eGramIT





An entrepreneurial venture aimed at tapping the vast talent pool available in rural areas to deliver excellent business value to various corporations and governments, eGramIT employs about 400 rural youth in 3 villages of Andhra Pradesh. We are a rural based business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider committed to delivering business value to a wide range of clients and at the same time transform the rural ecosystem in a way to bring rural India from the edge to the center of the new economy.


Our clients include a top telecom service provider to whom we give customer care services, a very large IT solutions company to whom we provide transactional delivery services like accounts payable / receivables processing, an insurance company based in UK for whom we validate and process hospital claims, a publishing house in US for whom we carried out a data cleansing activity and the Government of Andhra Pradesh for whom we digitize humongous amounts

We are headquartered in Hyderabad and have an excellent organizational set up that can support clients with amazing business value. We are a metrics-driven organization and have created an organizational work-ethic driven by the sole aim of delivering customer satisfaction and business value. Needless to say, our innovative model involving rural operations gives us an unmatched advantage in terms of delivery costs.