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Rural BPO Scheme - Karnataka


Karnataka State, during the last decade, has emerged as the front-runner in IT / BPO / ITESsectors. Bangalore is the acknowledged leader in the global IT space. The city is well known for its software services, R & D, BPO and ITES, which are the largest employment generating sectors. The BPO / ITES sectors alone provide direct employment to over two lakh persons in Bangalore. A BPO unit could be voice-based, data-based or a combination of both, and engaged in customer interaction, finance and accounting services, call center and medical transcription, engineering and design data management, insurance and medical services, data management etc. Such services generally do not require highly professional knowledge. Persons with simple education and computer knowledge could be gainfully employed in such BPO units. Soft technical skills, communication skills and computer knowledge are sufficient for employment in the BPO sector. Government intends to start Rural IT programmes for creating IT-based employment opportunities in Rural areas, primarily aimed at promoting and setting-up of BPO services in rural areas. A declaration to this effect has also been made in the State's budget for the financial year 2008-09.
A Rural BPO unit is distinct from a Common Service Centre [such as Nemmadi]. A Common Service Centre offers Government to Citizen [G 2 C] services such as caste and income certificates, birth and death certificates, payment of bills of public utilities etc. A Rural BPO unit would be a revenue-based business model set-up by enterprising persons from the private sector. The role of Government is limited to that of a catalyst and facilitator / enabler. There would be no Government to Citizen [G 2 C] services, but Business-to-Business [B 2 B] services would be offered by Rural BPO Units.
Government proposes to incentivize setting-up of Rural BPO units in Taluka / Hobli headquarters, having a population of less than one lakh. All the Taluka / Hobli headquarters have the necessary IT infrastructure, especially Broadband connectivity. Government financial support to promote setting-up of Rural BPO units would be limited to manpower training subsidy and subsidy to meet the cost of building rentals and internet connectivity.

For more information please contact:
Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS)
BMTC- Central Offices Building
TTMC 'B' Block, 4th Floor,
KH Road,
Bangalore 560 027