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Rural BPO in Tamil Nadu



Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to activities/services that are given to agencies, companies or firms outside a unit which are not its core activity. This is done to enhance the efficiency of the core unit as it can then focus its attention on the key areas of the business. A good BPO would necessarily need to focus its expertise, quality, timely execution and Entrepreneurship if it desires to excel.

The Government of Tamil Nadu, through a wide range of initiatives has already attracted the IT Industry and in particular the BPO segment to be firmly entrenched in the state. However, the BPO industry presence is limited to Chennai, its surrounding areas and a few select urban locations such as Madurai and Coimbatore. For a deeper penetration of the BPO industry in the state, specific policy initiatives that would attract the industry to venture into the rural locations in the state are necessary.

Rural Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Policy

This policy is applicable to rural locations and this to be identified as a unit that is located in Panchayat(s). The Information Technology department will play the role of a facilitator in receiving enquiries from the BPO industry and vice versa and help to find interested institutions both educational and otherwise who would want to partner BPO units. Such institutions would assist in providing Information Technology infrastructure such as Floor Space/Power/Connectivity for hosting such activities for BPO Units. The business arrangement between the industry and the infrastructure provider will be on terms conducive to both and will be negotiated mutually by both parties. The Department of Information Technology, Government of Tamil Nadu will play the role of a facilitator. Educational institutions in particular will benefit with such arrangements as the Industry and Academic interaction will help both the faculty and students in providing exposure and experience both for entrepreneurship and future careers. The Information Technology Department proposes to provide a Capital subsidy and a Training subsidy to encourage Rural BPO Units in the proposed policy

Role of ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu

In promoting this policy, it is necessary to involve a different promotional style that would ensure participation of industry. An existing special project vehicle that has helped to strengthen Industry-Government efforts that are of concern to both industry and Government is the ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT).

ICTACT shall engage with both the BPO Companies and the educational institutions, in order to promote Rural BPO in Tamil Nadu. The ICTAT Academy has involved itself in promotional work and in actual conduct of these courses and has been seen to have a good reach amongst institutions that have IT related courses.

Greater accountability and control in an industry style manner will also be seen to be exercised in such an arrangement. ICTACT will help to penetrate the rural areas with appropriate BPOs. This ICTACT shall work in close coordination with ELCOT.