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ASK -- Advice Sought via Karmayog
The ASK form is for 3 purposes:
    1. For you to get help
    2. For you to share your experience and learnings with others who may be in a similar situation (either now or in the future)
    3. For the relevant authorities or professionals to know about your problem and be able to help you

Please avoid adjectives and try not to write as if you are complaining. (Remember, humour is better than anger). Please do not fill the form in all capitals.  Please do not repeat the same sentence or information while filling in the form.

To complain about civic issues in Mumbai (BMC related), fill the SATYA form only.
To complain about corruption in any government department, fill the Corruption ROKO form only.
To complain about any other issue regarding a commercial or government organisation, fill the WARN form only.
To bring people together for a particular cause or issue, fill the UNITE form only.

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A. Details of the problem for which you seek advice or help
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4. Attach additional Information

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B: Your Suggestions

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2. For NGOs or Institutions

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3. For Government Agencies / Organisations

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4. For others who may be in a similar situation*

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5. What information should the Karmayog website have that would be useful?*

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C: Websites / People / Resources that you have found helpful
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3. Article 1

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